Enter the world of automation with us

The ELITE ROBOTS company is deeply engaged in intelligent production automation and can boast the development of a lightweight 6-axis robot (3 kg / 6 kg / 12 kg). Our cobots enjoy a good reputation among users from the automotive, electronics, packing, logistics, metalworking, chemical and other industries. Located in Shanghai, ELITE ROBOTS can boast production of 10,000 cobot units to date. ELITE ROBOTS takes full advantage of the benefits of applying collaborative robots – lightweight and flexible machines for assembly, tightening, loading and unloading, detection of materials, lifting of objects, warehousing, polishing and grinding and many other applications.


Milestones and business information:

The ELITE ROBOTS founding team hails from the Institute of Robotics at BUAA (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), which deals with research and development. This team developed the first CNC control system and robot controller in China, which occurred in 2003 and 2009, respectively. The team's members worked under the mentorship of Professor Wang Tianmiao, head of the Institute of Robotics at BUAA and chief scientist of the national robotics program. The founding team completed research and development of prototypes in all industrial robot product categories and then took up the problem of cobots, elaborating product schematics and the entire series’s ecosystem within 3 years, after nearly 17 years of gathering knowledge in the field of robot control. The types of applications can be divided into six industries: 3C electronics, automotive subassemblies, metalworking, packing logistics, household appliances, medical devices and retail sales. In July 2019, ELITE ROBOTS focused on the collaborative robots market, changing its product portfolio and withdrawing traditional industrial robots. It researched leaders in the cobots industry officially and in depth, planning introduction of the latest generation of CS series cobots in 2022, which may revolutionize this market. Within 3-5 years, ELITE ROBOTS aims to become the leading manufacturer of cobots in the world and fulfill its global strategic plan.