Loading and unloading

Transport, Sorting, Packing, Labeling

Free your employees from boring, dirty, dangerous and expensive tasks by automating picking and placing using lightweight Elite Robots robotic arms.


Machine operation

CNC, Metals casting, Pressing

Loading and unloading of machinery very often requires working in tight spaces and difficult conditions, frequently characterized by whole-day shifts and repetitive, physically demanding and dangerous tasks. Use cobots for this.


Quality Control

Testing, Checking, Measuring

Optimize the cohesion of measurements and maintain a high level of product quality thanks to the 2D/3D video systems developed by Elite Robots.


AGV Mobility


Mobile robotics is a field that is constantly growing, finding applications not only in the more traditional areas of logistics and warehousing but also in the semiconductors and consumer electronics industries, and even in direct customer service!



Palletization, Stacking, Picking

Logistics and warehousing are cross-sectional sectors that must constantly face new challenges such as staff shortages, expensive labor, high order diversity, shortened product lifecycles and the need to avoid workplace injuries caused by lifting of weights or repetitive tasks. Cobots address all of these challenges!


Screwdriving and assembly

Screwdriving of bolts/nuts, Fitting and insertion of parts

Assembly and screwing together of components are among the first tasks to be automated by means of industrial robots, mainly in the automotive industry. Today’s assembly line robots go far beyond the automotive industry and handle an extraordinarily diverse array of products, from large-scale systems to microscopic objects, which collaborative robots very often make more efficiently than traditional industrial robots.



Gluing, Painting, Spraying, Dipping

Processes in which materials are dosed, such as gluing or painting, are very common in various sectors of industry, such as the automotive industry. They require flexibility, efficiency and high precision for the purpose of reducing the amount of waste and scrap. Cobots perform such work exceptionally precisely.


Material finishing and removal

Grinding, Polishing, Drilling, Milling

Activities related to removal of material or sandblasting are typical for industries such as metallurgy or automotive and traditionally require high precision, cohesion, and depending on needs, a light or more forceful touch. Some of these activities, such as drilling, are also potentially dangerous and associated with the inseparable risk of accidental operator injury in the work environment. Employ a collaborative robot for such processes!


Intelligent retail sales

Preparation, Cooking, Serving

Robots are currently often limited to production plants or laboratories, but they are increasingly often being used to perform direct consumer-facing activities and others associated with retail sales, like in the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering) sector. Restaurants, qiosques, fast food restaurants, hotels and other facilities are increasingly turning to robots that can provide uninterrupted service at the highest level, simultaneously increasing profits and attracting customers.