CS series collaborative robots

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EC series collaborative robots

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Collaborative robots, or cobots, are economical, safe and flexible in implementation. Collaborative robots make automation easier than ever before, particularly for small and medium enterprises. Cobots are intended to collaborate with humans in a common environment, making automation easier than ever before for enterprises of any size. All of these advantages of cobots have allowed them to change the rules of the game in various applications. Collaborative robots are the comprehensive manifestation of the integration of ELITE ROBOTS technology in the fields of control, servo-drives, encoders, machinery, construction and industrial design technologies. In practical applications, ELITE ROBOTS are equipped with different end manipulators, video sensors and force control sensors. They can also cooperate with automatic transport systems (AGVs), serving as part of a complex robot. The variety of tasks that cobots can perform mean that they will be used in a growing number of applications. These products are widely used in the automotive industry, assembly of 3C products, intelligent logistical sorting, medicine, education, new retail applications and in many other industries.